Why continuous delivery needs devops, and why devops needs infrastructure-as-code

Update 02-Apr-13
Just came across this detailed relevant talk by Reinertsen - the author I reference for silo reduction and batch size reduction.

Update 31-Oct-12

Update 26-Oct-12

Slides, with notes

I'll present on this topic on 25th October 2012 as part of a ThoughtWorks Studios webinar series on continuous delivery. Please register from the webinar page.

Continuous delivery and devops have gone mainstream, at least in terms of mindshare. As a result, a lot of vendors have jumped onto the bandwagon. Most products that have anything to do with deployment now try to associate themselves with devops and continuous delivery. In this webinar, Sriram will try to clear the air in a product independent manner. He will also cover common devops anti-patterns and explain the idea of infrastructure as code.