Users write/talk about Go

This is a compilation of user authored material that references Go. I expect to keep growing this list. Feel free to submit links via comments.
  2.'s talk at Chef Conf (Go+Chef+Powershell)
  3. CD and one touch deployment by Rustin Daniels
  4. Continuous Delivery into Maven Central with Maven and Go
  6. Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels showcases a team that uses Go
  7. Deployment pipeline for infrastructure using Go - NBN case study  
  8. How implemented CD
  9. Using Go for mobile app dev - iOS and iPhone
And here is slightly more official content co-authored by ThoughtWorks and customers.

  1. Nokia
  2. Verivox
  3. Caplin
  4. Trainline
  5. Moody's Analytics
  6. Rosetta Stone
  7. Premium Credit

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