Werner Vogels shows off Go

At the recently held AWS ReInvent conference in the US, during one of the keynotes, Werner Vogels (Amazon's CTO) cited REA as "one of the most advanced AWS users in the world", and specifically mentioned the approach to continuous delivery that has been implemented there.

And then he showed Go's pipeline activity page to demonstrate how REA is set up.

He said:
"And in the new world where all our requirements change all the time, customers change their minds, environment changes, business decisions are being made. In the past, it would be almost impossible to meet those guarantees...Because we were in this style of development that was sort of next generation thinking. Oh you know, we'll do this in the next cycle...that is sort of thinking of the past...lots of lean thinking concepts being brought into businesses ...you will bring a product to market in a robust, limited feature set...then quickly iterate with your customers to go in a particular direction. Now if thats the new way that businesses actually want to build their product...after these days there is abundance of products in the market...competition is murderous..there is increasing consumer choice...it is highly uncertain if your product is going to be successful or not...so we need to have a development methodology that deals well with uncertainty...and the fact that you are no longer controlled by your resources allows you to be this flexible...for example one of our customers in Australia has really pushed this to the max...can I show you that slide...yes...
This is the guys of realestate.com in OZ - they are...experts in Agile. They have a distributed development environment that runs all over the world...all the engineers are collaborating together...on top of AWS, they do continuous build and integration...whenever you check something in, it automatically goes through all the steps and meets all the checks and will also be deployed into production."