Go + Maven + Chef - a webinar




Update: 14th June 2013
Here's how the demo pipelines look (minus the logos) with the new value stream visualization

Update: 29th March 2013
Recording now available at the studios website.

Maven based build pipelines are fairly common. Chef based deployment pipelines are also gaining traction. In this demo, I will demonstrate how to design and connect the two using Go. Along the way I'll explain why not to use maven-snaphosts, how to make Chef talk to Nexus and provide several tips on Go usage. The resulting end-to-end automated build and deployment pipeline will provide overarching visibility, traceability, orchestration and access control for the entire continuous delivery value stream.

Date: 21st March 2013
Time: UK 10:00 AM | IN 3:30 PM | AUS 9:00 PM